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Create Your 5 Star Signature System!


Signature System Challenge

Become THE ‘GoTo’ Person in Your Field


This Challenge will help you to create your Unique Selling Point (USP) so you stand out from your competitors, attract more clients and explode your income!

What is a Signature System?

Tina by Mark 1A signature system is what makes you different.  It’s something that you can brand, making you more memorable and it sets you up as a credible authority in your field.  You become THE expert or ‘goto’ person.  It turns the intangible into the tangible – essential when you’re selling service based products and programmes.

When I was attempting to sell my programmes just based on what it contained (modules or a list of contents), I was ‘just another’ trainer/coach/mentor speaking about my subject.  Once I created my own Signature System, my sales, clients and income finally took off – and I’ve consistently grown my business ever since!

This has allowed me to work with some wonderful clients, doing what I love, making a difference and given me the freedom to turn my back on the ‘bread and butter’ work just to pay my bills.

Now I want the same for you!

You KNOW you have priceless gifts to share with your clients.  You want to make a difference, authentically and without any hype

If you’re like most of the clients I work with, you’ve spent considerable time and money acquiring the skills, knowledge and experience that enables you to make that difference when working with your clients.  The trouble is that finding those clients to work with has proved harder than you imagined, and growing your business seems to be WAY harder and is taking WAY longer than you anticipated.

In fact, if you’re like most, you may be experiencing some or all of the following:

  • You spend a lot of time networking offline – without the results you would like
  • You spend a lot of time online, using social media – without the results you would like
  • You get fantastic results with your clients but struggle to attract as many new clients as you want
  • Your income therefore isn’t what you expected when you put together your vision for your business
  • Your current lifestyle isn’t what you envisioned either
  • This possibly means you’re not the role model you would like to be…
  • Meaning you could end up feeling like a fraud…
  • And your confidence (and prices) start to drop!

Well – first of all – don’t panic!  This is what most experience and there IS a solution.  The solution is in setting yourself apart from all the others in your line of work – by creating your Signature System.  A System that positions you as an expert.   Lots of people tell you to position yourself as an expert or credible authority – but not many tell you HOW!  This Challenge not only tells you HOW but also gives you help and support to take ACTION.

Stand out from the crowd and create the system that will be the foundation for:

Your Book

Your Product Portfolio

Your Signature Talk

Your Signature Webinar

Shorter Talks

Once you have these – you are BOUND to start attracting more interest, convert interest into clients and FINALLY begin earning the income you deserve.

This is NOT a self-study challenge – so places are limited!  If you know you’re not yet where you want to be in terms of your business and your income, then don’t delay – jump on board the Signature System Challenge NOW!

This Challenge will run at $197 – however, as this is the inaugural Challenge, I’m running it at just $97

Take The Challenge Button

Signature System Challenge

Starting Monday 13th October

Regular Fee $197

Inaugural Fee $97

Free to Gold members of my 5 Star Speaker Academy!



Week 1:  13th – 19th October

Videos & Assignments plus Live Webinar at 6pm (UK time) on Monday 13th October

Week 2:  20th – 26th October

Videos & Assignments

Week 3:  27th October – 2nd November

Videos & Assignments

Week 4:  3rd – 9th November

Videos & Assignments plus Live Q&A Webinar at 6pm (UK time) on Monday 3rd November

Week 5: 10th – 16th November

Videos & Assignments

Week 6: 17th – 23rd November

Videos & Assignments

Monday 24th November:  End of Challenge Wrap Up – Live Webinar 6pm (UK time)