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You have a very special talent – special knowledge and programmes that are, as yet, unknown to the rest of the world.  There are people out there who are just dying for you to come along and help them.

The trouble is – you’re not reaching out to them!

You KNOW that webinars are the best way of making sales online don’t you?  Just ask yourself how many programmes you’ve bought online – and how many of those were off the back of webinars you attended?

So – if you’re not running webinars – well, quite frankly, you’re mad!!

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tina Sibley and I help anyone who wants to become known as an expert in their field to raise their visibility, credibility and income through running amazing webinars.  I’ve gathered together all the best webinar training and tips from the best in the business and – using what I learned, netted over $16,000 in sales from the back of just one webinar!

In short, I can turn YOU into an incredible, profitable webinar host leading to greater success in your business  and the income you dream of.

  • If you’re a complete beginner and have never run a webinar in your life, I guarantee to give you the confidence to get started
  • If you’re a webinar host who wants to get better results, I will help you to turbo-charge your webinars
  • Through great webinars, you can expect to attract more clients and make more sales – without being pushy
  • You will finally be able to make a difference in the lives of others and for yourself!

Quite Simply,  I will help you to:

Become a Brilliant & Profitable Webinar Host!

I want to inspire as many people as possible to start running webinars, so I’ve put together some awesome webinar training that will help you.  Wicked Webinars gives you everything you need to learn how to run successful and profitable webinars – following my Unique Profitable Webinar Blueprint

Wicked Webinars

Incredible Value at Only $397 for lifetime access!


Judith Holloway – The Parenting Pacemaker


How Would You Like Someone To Post The Following on Their Facebook Page After Listening to YOUR Webinar?

But – it wasn’t always like that for me!

I’ve been a successful presenter and speaker for many years now and have been teaching others to do the same, however when I first stared attempting to sell my programmes via webinars – quite frankly I bombed!

What I can tell you, is that just over a year ago, I was earning nothing online.

Not a bean!


And I had no idea what I was going to do differently.

Since then, I’ve learned the art of ‘webinar marketing’ and now enjoy a regular monthly income plus the knowledge that my reputation, credibility and potential income is growing.

Now I’m going to show you exactly how I made over S16,000/£10,500  from one webinar, and work with you so that you, too, can have an equally successful webinar and begin making more sales.

There are 5 Clear Steps to a Successful Webinar

  1. Planning – Setting Your Strategy
  2. Presentation – A Killer Presentation that is designed to sell
  3. Platform – Selecting the right webinar platform for you and your presentation
  4. Promotion – Getting your webinar filled
  5. Profit – The processes that turn your webinar into a big-earner

Wicked Webinars will take you in detail through each of these steps.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is something that people are telling me is one of the main barriers – so since making the video above, I’ve just added in a whole new section on how to overcome fear – including a PDF of my book, Befriending The Bear of Public Speaking, which is available to buy on Amazon.

And I’m updating the site and adding in new information and resources all the time.

What’s the investment

For all the resources in this site, I could charge a fairly hefty amount.   But I’m passionate about wanting to help more and more people profit from webinars so I decided to make this type of training easily accessible to everyone.

Incredible Value at Only $397 – lifetime access


What You Get

  • A Collection of the 5 core modules covering each of the P steps
  • Techie tutorials on some of my favourite platforms
  • Additional past Q&A Webinars
  • PDF Guides and templates
  • Bonus training material
  • Automatic Updates as I add new material
  • Monthly LIVE webinar tutorials with me that include Q&A sessions

My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that you will get so much out of this programme that if, within the 30 days, you don’t feel I’m providing value, I will give you your money back.
However I’m certain that I can save you the value of your investment simply by recommending alternative webinar platforms and giving you a more informed choice about what’s available – let alone what you will learn about how to put together a Killer Webinar Presentation!

Incredible Value at Only $397 – lifetime access



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