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5 Star Speaker Academy |

Discover How YOU Can Become an Amazing Speaker

Using My Unique

5 Star SPEAKer SystemTM

Get Your Voice Heard – And Get Results!

Please note that I am re-branding and updating my websites.  
In the meantime, check out my Free Webinar Funnel Training

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Tina Sibley and I help anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd to become more successful through developing great speaking skills that you can use when speaking on stage, in meetings, on webinars and in videos.  Using these skills, a recent webinar netted over $16,000 in sales!

In short, I can turn YOU into an incredible, profitable speaker leading to greater success in your business or career and the income you dream of.

  • If you’re a complete beginner and have never given a presentation in your life, I guarantee to give you the confidence to get started
  • If you’re a seasoned speaker who wants to get better results from your speaking, I will help you to turbo-charge your presentations
  • If you run your own business, you can expect to attract more clients and make more sales
  • If you’re employed, you can expect to climb the corporate ladder faster and more easily
  • If you’re a fund-raiser, you can expect to get your audiences giving more than ever before
  • You will learn how to be more persuasive, influential and inspiring through delivering dynamic presentations and speeches

Quite Simply,  I will help you to:

Become a Brilliant & Profitable Speaker

I was never the shy and retiring type and yet, for some reason (which is very common) I suffered MASSIVELY when it came to speaking in front of a group of people in a more formal setting.

My first experiences of this were attending training courses at work.  There were two major horrors!  The first were those awful introductions – you know, the ‘creeping death’ where it goes around the table and you feel more and more panicky the closer it comes to your turn.  The other horror was when you were put into a breakout group for an exercise and afterwards you had to feed back to the rest of the class.  I used to feel sick, shake and go all red and blotchy over my chest, neck and face!

Following a promotion, I was required to run staff training and give public talks and struggled through, gradually getting better in confidence and competency as I went along until I became really good at it.

I soon discovered this was a great skill to have and, whenever I wanted to change job, I pretty much walked into any role I wanted – I was able to perform well at interviews and during presentations given as part of the selection process.  When I went self-employed, it was exceptionally useful at networking meetings and helped me to raise my profile and win new business.

Fast Forward to where I am now, and I not only LOVE speaking in front of audiences – (the bigger the better!) but I get PAID for it too!  I get paid to deliver workshops and business presentations and also get paid handsomely to deliver a talk at conferences lasting only 30-60 minutes.  Speaking online is even more profitable and I can show you exactly how I made over $16,000 from just one webinar!

I’ve also helped countless others go from quivering wreck to confident performer.  From good speaker to great speaker.

“Before receiving coaching with Tina, I used to wish that an asteroid would hit the building I was in so I wouldn’t have to give my presentations! Now, I’m much more confident and have even stepped forward and volunteered to deliver presentations. My ability has soared and this has made a noticeable difference in my impact upon the audience.”
Neal Walker, Merchant Navy

So why do I tell you all of this?

Because I can help you to do the same!

What Would Superb Speaking Skills Do For YOU?

  • Help you get that dream job or promotion
  • Help you to attract new clients
  • Help you to make more sales
  • Get you more respect, credibility and authority
  • Increase your income

 Superb Speaking Skills are all based on the Cornerstones:Context of SSS3

  • Confidence:  Having the confidence to get up there and having total confidence in your message
  • Content:  The right content makes ALL the difference in the world and will take you from mediocre to WORLD CLASS
  • Charisma:  The quality that grabs your audience’s attention at the start and keeps them with you, not only until the end, but afterwards too.  The quality that makes your presentation memorable.
  • Continuous Improvement:  Always up-skilling to become better and better until you’re THE best in your field

And at the heart of these cornerstones is SELLING – whether you’re selling a product, service or simply an idea.

Finally, I’m revealing my System to walk you through each of these cornerstones – and MORE

so YOU can effortlessly use them in your own talks, whether offline or online